My CPU usage is at 100% and my GPU usage is about 60% on Crysis 3.

I'm just wondering if this is normal for that particular game or if my CPU is a massive bottleneck?
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  1. Your cpu is a bottleneck, which cpu and gpu do you have?
  2. Yep, that's a sign of bottlenecking right there. Crysis will stress any GPU so unless you play at really lowered graphics your GPU usage should be higher if you aren't being bottlenecked.
  3. mikey48195 said:
    Your cpu is a bottleneck, which cpu and gpu do you have?

    Well I already ordered a new MB with a new CPU because I got a new GTX 770. My current CPU and build was from 6 years ago(QX9650). I always knew it would be a bottleneck but didn't know it would be this bad.
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    Agreed. Think of it this way. Your CPU is the central unit that the GPU talks to. For example, a FX8350 (AMD CPU with 8 cores and 4.2Ghz) will cope with an old GTX 460 just fine. The GPU will most likely have to work harder than the CPU. But, if you take that GTX 460 and throw it on a 2.13Ghz Core 2 Duo, it will lock up and die, because all of the data has to push its way through the CPU, which in this case is a very small hole. It is much like attaching your garden hose to a fire hydrant. Not only will it explode, the hose can only fit so much water through it. I hope this helps solve your question!
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