Fallout New Vegas-"out of memory" on windows 8.1

I have recently got a new laptop. It has pretty good specs (16gb of RAM, I7-4500U, NVidia GT 750M). Whenever I begin to play "Fallout new vegas", the game freezes/crashes saying "Out of memory". FNV is only using 1.3gb, how can I possibly be out of memory?
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  1. I did, and it certainly helped the frame rate, but it still keeps crashing when I go into a building.
  2. What level of graphics/video detail are you playing at (i.e. ultra, high, medium, etc)? If you lower the level of detail, does the problem persist?
  3. I lowered it to medium and it still crashes when I enter a building. I am going to go try it on low.
  4. That is really sounding like a game glitch. Is your game fully updated with any/all patches?
  5. I lowered it to low and i still crashes. My game is as patched as can be at the moment. I also have quite a few mods, could that be causing the problem?
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    Yes, the mods could certainly contribute to your issues.

    Try removing them and the game itself. Start with a fresh install of the game and see if the system remains stable. Then add the mods one at a time, testing for stability after each to determine the culprit.

    Painful, but worth a shot.
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