What kind of psu do i need for 780 oc SLI

So I currently have a
i5 4670k
asrock z87 extreme 4 mobo
msi 780 3gb( getting another very soon)
1 tb hdd
and with a custom loop for the cpu and gpu.

My current psu is a 750w seasonic and during gaming it is very very loud. In a custom loop that is the only thing I hear and I hate it. So Im getting another 780 for SLI and Im wondering how powerful of a psu should I get and please let It be virtually silent. Thanks!
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  1. Anything 850 to about 1000 should be plenty. EVGA G2 or P2 are both completely silent.
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    Corsair RM 1000 ment for silence
  3. 850 W is plenty for dual SLI on GTX 780. Pick something with Dual Ball Bearing fan instead of sleeve fans. My personal pref is Corsair TX 850. (Not fully modular PSU,cause they are pricey and I am happy to route and hide unused cable)
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