Looking for Motherboard with 2 IDE ports

Hi, I am upgrading my home desktop PC. I want to only upgrade Motherboard, CPU and RAM and retain rest of the items.

Planning to upgrade to intel i3 processor. I want to retain my IDE 500GB Hard Disk drive and the IDE DVD-Burner. I want to know which motherboard supports 2 IDE ports and also support intel i3 processor.

Please HELP!!!
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  1. Hello,
    I have been looking around and i can't find any motherboards that support IDE and and i3.
    IDE is very outdated and now many motherboards support it now days.
  2. They basically don't exist anymore. The only one I could find was a P8H67 from Asus, but they're discontinued.

    You can pick up a PCI IDE card here, but that's only one port. You can connect two devices per port, though.
  3. Your best bet is to keep the hard disk and replace the DVD burner with an SATA version, it will only cost you about $20 to replace it. This is a good deal as any board with an i3 (any generation) and 2 IDE ports will be rather expensive. If you want to buy new, go with the Haswell series, if looking for used, Ebay has a great selection of high end 1156 and 1150 (gen 1 and 2) parts for cheap.
  4. Thank you everyone.

    @Benevolence: So the best solution would be to use a motherboard with 1 IDE port. Which model in Haswell series has 1 IDE slot and support i3 processor as well. Request you to give me the model number.

  5. Are you looking for a full ATX or mATX? Video editing, gaming, surfing?
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    OK so after some research your best bet is to go with a Gen 1 i3 CPU and a 1156 board. Both of these are discontinued items, however there are tons of them on Ebay. If you can find a Gigabyte p55 board (ATX, any series), it's almost guaranteed to come with an IDE connector.
  7. 1. Full ATX cabinet.
    2. PC mostly used for surfing.
    3. Present Monitor is Samsung Sync Master 793 (1280 x 1024).

    I want to retain the ATX cabinet, Hard Disk and monitor.

    Want to change CPU (intel i3), Motherboard (any make having 1xIDE slot), RAM (suitable) and DVD burner.
  8. Thanks Benevolence
  9. Anytime my friend. Thanks for the cudos!
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