4.3Ghz to 4.5Ghz? (OC + Temps on Stock cooling)

Hey guys, im currently running the FX8350 at 4.5Ghz turbo, and I upped the bus speed a tad, and did not need to touch the voltage oddly enough.

I've been playing stable for about a week now since I did the oc, and I noticed my core temp reached 62.2C on Open Hardware Manager while playing 2 hours on BF4. I heard the max temp it should get on stock cooling is 62C, but when I do play on 100% load on BF4 for a couple hours, it rarely ever hits 60C and if it does, it's for a split second. So that being said, I average at about 55-58C. Is that one time hitting 62C really that big of a deal or should I OC back down to 4.3 (Disabling Turbo)

I'm just a little curious and worried, as I don't want to fry my cpu obviously. I also have the Hyper 212 Evo right beside me, but haven't put it on yet as I dont exactly know how.. Which I will figure out and I know it will make all the difference, but like I said, I just wanna know about my current temps. Any help is appreciated asap!

Thanks guys! :)
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    i hate to say it but OC with that cooler isnt a horible idea but just not something i would do. with the stock cooler i was gettig about 55c under full load playing bf4. i have a corsair 750d with 6 120mm fans thou so air flow in the case is not a problem.. just do your self a favor and look up on youtube how to do the install of the evo212. here better yet ..
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