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What is a good case that would fit an asus Maximus VI hero Motherboard for as cheap as possible? It would be great to have a case that is large enough to fit any Graphics card that I might want to put in later. Of course, I would love something with good airflow too. Thanks. I just don't know that much about cases on the market.
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  1. Your budget?
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    My favorites right now are the corsair 500R at $90 and the inwin g1 at $50.
  3. NZXT Source 210, about as cheap as a decent case can get
  4. nostall said:
    Your budget?

    No more than $100
  5. Then a corsair 500R
  6. I think a case between $50 - $100 is more about the personal preference on the look than the material and build quality
    The Zalman Z9 is pretty good looking
    Maybe a Corsair 300R with windows?
    Or a Fractal Design Arc Midi R2

    It's all about the look and how sexy you want it to look.
  7. That NZXT looks very nice. and the Corsair is a really good case; all the above suggestions are very good.
    Here's another to look at. I have done two builds with this case-my grandson's and the one for my classroom. Pretty roomy for an inexpensive mid-tower.
    Built my son's with their Challenger case; not bad either.

    Thousands of cases out there, some are pretty cool. Good luck.
  8. I think I will be choosing the Inwin. It is cheap and pretty stylish. However, I really want the Corsair and if I come across some more money then that will definitely be the one I choose. Thanks for the help!
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