Hello Every one!

I have intel core 2 duo e7500@2.93Ghz, intel desktop board dg41rq and
i have 2 gb ram(and i will update it to 4gb)
suggest me a graphic card in the range of 50-80$.
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  1. AMD hd 7770
  2. AMD Radeon 7770. (You must have a 6pin power connector or 2 free molex pins in your PSU)
  3. ^^^ what he said and if you can't find one, the AMD Radeon 7750 is another option. It doesn't require a power connector (but check for each model) and it also has 1 slot design to make it compatible with more systems.
  4. radeon R7 240, GT 630 synergy edition, Radeon hd 6670 are compatible with my system requirements??????
  5. my motherboard is intel dg41rq and it has molex (4-pin) power connector? how can i connect 6-pin graphic card to mobo
  6. two 4-pin power connector can be converted to a 6pin power connector with a adapter (in most cases bundled with GPU)
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