New mobo new OS and ssd (Steam Games?)

If I am changing the OS from windows 7 to 8 or 8 to 7 and getting a new mobo (installing the OS on new SSD) what happens to my steam games and saves on my other two HDDs? Can I keep those or will I lose progress and have to fresh install them all?

Some games go to the cloud like tomb raider, but I really don't want to lose my NBA progress for instance.
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  1. is there any way to get my windows 8 to a new ssd? Or does that need a fresh install?

    And that is awesome stuff. I am glad I can keep my progress. Does this matter if say, I went from windows 8 to 7? It doesn't matter since they are both 64 bit right?
  2. you will need to do a fresh install since you are changing changing mobo and if you downgrade to a different version of windows i believe you will need to reinstall games but i am not 100% sure. you could always try it and if it works with no issues then your good but every game may not respond as well as others from swithcing os
  3. very true... I'll have to see if there is any info on that out. It would be awesome if it didn't matter. I may just use windows 8 again though
  4. believe me im not a fan of windows 8 either, but if you are already used to and not experiencing any driver/support issues it does have up to a 5% performance gain in gaming
  5. oh its not that I dont like it... the copy I am using I got for free because I am a college student... so I can't transfer it, it is a one time use :/

    My brother has windows 7 home premium that he never used on his second build because he also got windows 8, so I would be getting that for free. That's the only reason I ask... If it will make me lose my saves then I may bite the bullet and buy windows 8
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    well i would try it with the win 7 and if it works good on ya if it doesnt work either get a copy of windows8 or re install your games
  7. True. I am hoping it works. Atleast for the games that don't sync to the cloud
  8. for that i have done this, if you go to documents in your windows pane you can copy all the games folders there(they install on your drive and save settings are seperate) and paste them to your new drive and then just go through the folders and pick out the save files. you should back up the document folder on a seperate drive anyway so you canpick the save files from them and paste to your new setup...usually after you do the steam copy thing and run the game it will create a new folder in documents section and you can just paste the save file in the appropriate folder.
  9. yea, see, it is easy to do that for any game but NBA 2k14 is weird. I can't find the file? That's the main game I am worried about honestly lol I've almost played a full season on the side and don't want to lose the progress. It is my after work chill out game before I get into more intense stuff. It's nice to have the progress though.
  10. no prob it is probably encoded to the actual game install then if it isnt in the cloud
  11. Yea that was my guess. Hopefully since both OS's are 64 bit, it will be fine. My brother guessed it would be okay to transfer.
  12. should be i havent tried it myself but the logistics of it seems like it should work
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