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I have two 270X's in Crossfire and they each have 2gb VRAM. I know VRAM isn't supposed to stack in Crossfire so why is every benchmark, game, and hardware info app saying I have 3gb VRAM when I should only have 2gb?
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  1. look , there is something called deticated vega ram and shared memory, you may have 4 gb memory, the windows cost 2 and working and browsing cost 1 ram , so there is 1 gb ram left, the grahpics take it and add it to it's ram so it become 3 gb ram 2 vega ram deticated and 1 shared system memory so total = 3 . i hope i helped :D
  2. I have 16gb of RAM, and each card has 2gb but they don't stack so they should show up in benchmarks and hardware info apps as having 2gb, but instead they show 3gb. You're saying that my system is reserving 1gb of RAM to be used as VRAM? Wouldn't this hurt performance seeing as system RAM is dramatically slower than VRAM? Can I disable this? Should I disable this?
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    no it will never effect your performance , you got 16 gb ram :O it's fair enough i have 4 gb ram and my windows cost 2 and i got 1.6 gb shared system memory and i can run all programs without any problem for me you don't need to disable it but there is a way that you can disable it using bios but it's danger to open bios anyways, you can switch between graphics if you have 2 and only one will show as your graphics, also maybe you didn't install one of your graphics correctly . hope i helped and sorry for my bad english
  4. Okay thanks--I'll switch my graphics cards around when I get home and see if that changes anything.
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