best portable 15.6-18 inch gaming laptop under 1500

hi everyone
i would like to get a portable gaming laptop
i would not like lenevo laptops
this is what i would like (specs)
8GB of ram upgradeable
750 and up hard drive
4+ hours of battery life
a backlit keyboard (optional)
i am looking at this one at the moment
please can someone tell me if this is a good choice
i would do some light gaming on e.g. minecraft world of tanks it while recording with FRAPS
i would rather have a msi or asus ROG

regards morgan
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    4hour+ battery life on a gaming laptop? two hours is more likely.

    Why lenovo hate? :p

    Does it HAVE to be a laptop? You could get MUCH better bang for your buck with a $700 gaming PC and a $400 working/travel laptop.

    This would be my laptop suggestion.
  2. Here's one with good portability

    Large screen, 765m, mSATA, thin, and Xotic have great customer service.

    And while staying under the 1500 budget, you can also grab some cooling upgrades through Xotic.
  3. hi everyone thanks for answering lummus maximus ive been looking at that laptop but might deicide to go with ashycfc decision but is there a less heavy laptop?

    regards morgan
  4. Gaming laptops tend to be 17inch in size due to their custom nature in terms of design.

    This leads to heavy laptops, It's possible to find a 15.6" gaming laptop though.
  5. are there any 15.6 inch laptops you recommed
  6. - This is a good one to look at it's 3lb lighter than the ASUS.
  7. AshyCFC said: - This is a good one to look at it's 3lb lighter than the ASUS.

    hi ashyCFC the asus looks very good but then the msi is very good to if you were to choose one what one would you choose?
  8. If weight is an issue the 15.6" MSI

    If it's not, the 17.3" ASUS
  9. For portable gaming laptop, check MSI GE70 Apache Pro-012. It has NVIDIA Geforce GTX860M graphics.

    If weight isn't an issue, check MSI GT70 and ASUS ROG G751JT-CH71. They both use new NVIDIA Geforce GTX970M graphics.
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