light up the inside of my computer red

hey just wanted to know if buying fans are the only form of lighting up your Pc .i just built my first rig and don't really know too much ,don't wanna get the wrong piece or something extra i wouldn't need..

my case:

any tips or links would be awesome
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    No there are many ways to light up the case. Check NZXT Hue RGB LED and NZXT Sleeved LED in many colors and in 1-2 meters length.
  2. If you're willing to do a little soldering, you can pick up LED strips for a couple of dollars off ebay, then connect them to a Molex plug.
  3. Well in early teens i went so crazy about lightning a PC that i fitted a multicolor AC LED Lamp inside my PC. :D (Which was dangerous to whole PC i was required to route a AC current carrying wire inside the case.

    No being grown up ( as people say) I would just buy some DC LED stripes rated at either 5V or 12V and connect to Molex.

    Hope this helps.
  4. I tried LED fans first, wasn't bright enough for me. Then went to the LED strips, still, not bright enough.

    Finally found these: Cold Cathode Light Kit
  5. If your LED strip isn't bright enough; up the voltage :)

    I have a couple of VERY bright red LED boards around, though they're not currently in use.

    i think i'm go with this dudes idea 'thanks everyone :D extremely helpful
  7. Good choice dear, you'll be saved from soldering etc. Just install and paste the strip and you are good to go.
  8. Just a warning, those arent real bright. I have it in my case right now, can take a pic if yould like.
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