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Hi there everyone!

I'm here to get a bit of advice on my black screen of death problem, I am 90% sure it is linked to my Radeon HD 6870 card but after tinkering I got it to work for about 4 days... Basically my computer is 3 years old so is the card and have had no problems like this before, then out of the blue Im' getting black screen after windows logo. So after reading around I tried safe-mode which worked and once I disabled/uninstalled my card/drivers I could run windows again albeit with no graphics, at that point I was half-sure my card was bust but wasn't ready to buy new one yet. I read it could be a PSU problem so I checked my power supply in the bios but all was normal so after reinstalling windows+ all updates I finally installed the driver for my card, reboot annd nope still the same.. But then.. restarted computer again and it worked as normal... Was able to update to latest video card drivers and play games, which would have been nice but it only lasted 4 days, now I'm back to square one, it just seems weird that it would work and then not again. Opinions? should I just get new card or is there something more sinister afoot!
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  1. Full specs (including PSU model) please.

    What happens to the rest of the lights and fans? Do they stay on for a while? Does it boot-loop, or just sit there?
  2. Thank you very much for your reply good sir!

    Windows 7 64bit, Intel Core i7 950, Radeon HD 6870, Kingston DDR3 6GB ram and the power supply is an AC Bel ATX12V 600W

    All the lights and fans work normally, when I get black screen of death windows is Still going on In the background I just cant see it, whereas when I disable video card It works just fine.
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    Acbel make atrociously poor quality PSUs. I'd replace it, even if it isn't the cause of your problem. It probably is the cause, though.
  4. Hmm is there any discernible way for me to tell if its actually the problem before I fork out to replace? I checked the bios and all the voltages
    were as they should
  5. Got an oscilloscope?

    Those things are very very bad, though. Fire hazard type bad.
  6. Hmm nope, ohwell thanks for now chief, ill get a new good one and post if it fixes my problem
  7. Yep I've replaced acbel psu with a good antec high performance gamer one and havn't had a problem since, thank you very much!
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