how many fps will i get ?

hi all
i have amd x2 5000+ cpu and 4gb 800mhz ram
and i want to upgrade my graphic card
so how many fps will i get with the hd7770 in games such as far cry 3 or bf4 with hd resolution and medium to high graphics quality
and how many fps will i get with r7 260x with same specs and graphic quality ?
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  1. Not very many. The x2 5000+ is bottlenecking 7770 and upgrading gpu makes no sense the bottlenecking won't allow for better preformance. You cpu/ram need upgrades before trying to run bf4 and far cry in medium settings.
  2. thank you
    yeah i know they are too old but i dont have much money right now
    so only i can upgrade the gpu
    which one should i pick the hd 7770 or r7 ?
  3. Best answer
    I would say r7 260x is better card since it's basically a rebranded 7790. With that being said, I don't much of a benefit in your case due to bottlenecking so I am going to recommend 7770.
  4. alright thnx man
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