Error code 0x80070057 during format in windows 7 installation, Sometimes detects hard drive

OK so its a brand new set up, i5, MSI b75ma-e33 MB, 1 tb WD hd, 2x2 gb crucial pc3 8500. So First it wouldnt boot from the dvd rom, switched dvd roms and it still didnt boot. tried 2 different installation discs with the same results. Made a USB installation for it and it would get to the part where it would say loading windows and it would just sit there... after a few attempts I was able to get in.

After getting to the part where windows asks to install "upgrade" or "custom" I always choose custom to format the drive, well the drive wasnt even there, hit refresh list and still didnt show up. Long story short I tried resetting BIOS a new HD different ports and working cables, a new MB, both the same thing just returned for new. Working ram from my every day computer. After all this I got windows to install one time and loaded it up, turned it off to plug in the dvd rom and then I get the "disk read error" and it will not ever boot. funny thing is the hard drive boots right up in my other computer without an issue. Now I am reinstalling windows to see if this will help at all and I cannot format the hd from this error code, sometimes the hard drive will be in the list to format and other times it will just not be detected (even though it is always detected in the BIOS). any help would be great, I'm running out of ideas on how to get this pc going. extremely frustrating and it is only with this machine. if it is the motherboard I would gladly exchange it for another one but I cannot be sure it is. I mean could two HD's and two MB's be bad in a row or could this be a physical error/support error?

Right now it is installing windows 7 at the speed of a carcass rolling down a slope. Which is dead slow. almost 2 hours and at 30% expanding windows files. I will keep updating as it goes along with any progress and any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. While I have not had this problem myself, two of my friends had this issue when setting up their new computers and this solution seems to work.



    Hope this fixes your problem
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  2. I forgot to update last time I was here, The problem was a bad flashed copy of windows. Re installed a copy on a cleaned flash drive and it worked fine.
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  3. Make sure you have the latest BIOS version update from Support Downloads webpage for your model computer/mobo.

    Try setting your SATA controller in BIOS setup to AHCI first, then IDE if necessary.

    Remove all but 2gb RAM to try install. Swap RAM, Test your RAM.
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