I have no idea what I'm doing

have just purchased an antec water cooler and had a Geek2u person come out and attempt to install it to no avail, they charged me for the hour and call out and proceeded to leave.
Afterward I attempted to put in my old heat sync to realize every single cable had been unplugged.

I knew where some went but now I am completely lost.
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  1. first off call them back they tech should left your pc as it was working before he left. if you cant wait on the pc motherboard is the 24 pin main power plug and a 4/8 pin cpu power plug. those need to be plugged in and locked. on the edge of the mb is the on switch..hard drive led...reset switch headers there marked. the power and reset switches can go on any way on there pins. the hard drive led and power led have polarity markings on the cables. (+) or (-). the sata or ide cables and floppy cables are marked and keyed they only go in one way.
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    First of all, no company should charge for a failed fixing attempt unless it is proven that it is faulty hardware not faulty technician so definitely look into that.

    All the information above is good info, this process can be alot easier if you still have your mobo's instruction book or the motherboards have an awful lot of information on the boards themselves. Failing that google for the motherboard instruction book.

    To add to the above info, Internal Storage HDD's require SATA power from the PSU and SATA transfer cables to plug into the motherboard. (Optical drive work the same way)

    CPU Fan will need to be plugged into its available slot on the mobo aswell as the case fans.

    Switch headers aren't important if you cannot work it out, PC can be turned on using the motherboard power button.

    Take a look at this link for easy to follow instructions
  3. Thank you guys for the swift replies, heading to give this a shot now.

    Have followed up on the inexperienced tech and am getting a call back tomorrow, will post results shortly!
  4. So I have these pins from the front

    Aaandd this is where I assume they go...

    I have no idea where these go :(
    They are from the water cooler (which my father who has absolutely no tech knowledge managed to install in 15 minutes that the tech took an hour to fail.)
  5. Hi there,

    Pictures aren't the clearest (In future try and get a clearer shot of the pins themselves and if possible the writing on the side)

    However they look right. Just ensure they are plugged into their corresponding ports based on their name.

    As far as the last link goes, they appear to be fan controllers for your water supply and would plug into the socket labelled CPU Fan 1 or 2 depending on your mobo. However it is hard to tell from the picture so iff possible consult your Antec instruction book first.

    Regards, and props to your father :)
  6. Thanks for the response, sorry about the picture quality though will try my best with this and respond with hopefully better quality pictures :)
  7. So far I have plugged in all the single pins to where they looked like they fit but I'm not quite sure what this is for.
  8. Those are molex power cables.

    They are generally not needed in most builds so as long as your HDD, Optical Drive and any other accessories are taken care of with their appropriate connectors just tug the molex cables out of the way.

    Make sure you employ cable management and/or zip ties to keep them out of the way and maximise air flow in your case
  9. Thank you so much for all your help, everyone.
    I think I have finally managed to find my way back to a working computer.
    (Sorry about the cable management.. Or lack thereof.)

    Now for the moment of truth.
    See you on the other side, friends.
  10. Good luck!

    Let us know how it turns out
  11. It seems to be failing to boot whenever I try to boot with more than just my SSD plugged in, I have 3 normal hard drives apart from my ssd, should they be plugged in in a specific order?
  12. Priority should be given to the boot drive (I assume that's your SSD).

    A different way to do this is to enter your bios and manually choose to load from your boot drive. It should then retain the information. (That's the way I did my pc in the interim)
  13. I see.
    Is there any way to give it priority using cable placement or connecting them in a particular way?
    Or does it just choose which ever one it wants?
    Sorry for the dumb questions, still learning :)
  14. Ha! I got it!
    I was reading the mother board all wrong, I thought the SATA slots started at 1, I completely missed the 0.
    It's alive!
    Thank you for your continued replies, BennyJi! I truly appreciate it. :)
  15. That's sorted it, glad to hear its working.

    Don't forget to choose a solution if everything is solved to help others

    Regards and enjoy your working pc
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