Core 2 Duo E6850, GPU upgrade to Gigabyte GTX760 OC (GV-N760OC-2GD) or upgrade entire rig


I have an old extra rig with 4GB DDR2-800, XFX G31 Mainboard, XFX 7600GT and Core 2 Duo E6850 @ 3.0Ghz.

I was considering an upgrade on the GPU to a Gigabyte GTX760 OC (GV-N760OC-2GD) which in my head would make for a good secondary gaming unit - Will this work or will I experience any kinds of bottlenecks?

Thank you in advance.
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    the GTX 760 would be held back by that CPU and would see major bottleneck. I would not put anything over a GTX 260 or HD 5770 in to that rig to prevent bottlenecks.

    If you are set on the GTX 760 then I would recommend a fresh build with an i3 or higher /Athlon 750K or Higher and ddr3 Ram.
  2. No offence but the CPU is almost 7 years old.
    For a secondary gaming machine I'd get GTX 750TI, and stick to medium resolution gaming.
    If you prefer max performance for money (I prefer latest tech) you can also get R7 260x or GTX 660 max.
    Spending more money will have little effect on the performance.
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