How much better is the 750 Ti than the 750?

Title says it all. I'm looking at both to possibly buy and I'd like to know if they're even that different.
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  1. 25% better.
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    Honestly! The GTX-650-Ti , GTX-750 , GTX-750-Ti and R7-260x all perform so close to each other that it really does not make any difference which one you buy, It also makes no difference if the GPU's listed here are 1GB or 2GB, Because neither card listed has the power to take advantage of the 2GB of V-Ram that would be required at higher resolutions than 1080 anyway. So basically just get the best priced model that you can find from the four listed. However do not be fooled by them not being able to handle 2GB of V-Ram or higher resolution, Either of these four cards have more than enough power to handle any modern game at a decent resolution. Others will argue that they pull more than 1GB of V-ram, But what they are seeing is not only the dedicated ram but both the dedicated and shared V-ram. It will still be a couple of more years from now before anyone will really need a capable 2GB dedicated GPU. So save your hard earned money and don't worry, Enjoy!
  3. you have 2 answer for that r7 265 or gtx 750ti :D
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