Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio 7.1 only processing 2.1 problem

Hello hope all is well.

My sound card is only displaying 2.1 virtual surround just this morning, and it's not displaying 7.1 even when told to do so. I have a Razer Charchias Headset (7.1) and it had no issues until today. I tried troubleshooting my sound properties and messing with the software I downloaded from Creative to see if it'll work.

I tried checking out my on board sound card - Realtek high definition audio. This audio is also displaying 2.1 even though it played 7.1 flawlessly when I used to use it. I tested both of these audio devices using windows 7 64bit home premium. I try playing games as such as counter strike on Battlefield and the audio is so messed up and confusing with 2.1. Can anyone help me here?

What about the possibility that it's a problem with my computer?

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  1. From what I've Googled, the Charchias headset isn't 7.1 channel. Are you sure it's 7.1?
  2. Razer's surround sound software detects that my carcharia is in fact a 7.1 surround. Maybe it's just Razers surround sound software?
  3. Well, that's weird. I mean, it's not like it has more than 2 speakers. It also only connects with an audio and a mic cable.
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