Are Laptops More Future Proof Than PC's?

I've been seriously considering a mid to high end gaming pc for moderate playing on high/ultra settings (nothing competitive- personal favorite single player games with mods). However, I've recently been told by several friends that laptops are better. One friend got his laptop 2 years ago and it still plays current games at normal settings with an occasional drop in fps.

My question is: Are laptops more future proof than pc's? I hear that pc's need upgraded yearly or so just to play new games. Is it because desktop hardware evolves faster than laptop hardware? Either way, my budget is $1000 for a pc or laptop, I'd just like to know which would be a longer lasting investment?
I also already know the pc vs. laptop arguments - upgrades and power vs portability blah blah blah... I'm just asking for some facts and non-biased opinions. I've searched the web for this topic and can't find anything.

Thank you for your time and answers!
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    No they are not more futureproof. In fact just the opposite because of the reason you state: "upgrades". They are very difficult if not impossible to do on laptops.

    Wen you say that pc's need upgrading yearly to play new games, that all depends on how old the hardware is at the time the new game comes out (that's whethe it's a laptop OR PC)
  2. I have to agree that it's the opposite of what you wrote. If you built a $1000 desktop right now you should be set for the next few years. A $1000 laptop, on the other hand, will probably be out of date in 2-3 years.
  3. a toaster is future proof.
  4. A desktop will always be more powerful for the same price as a laptop. Because of having to make everything compact and less power-hungry, laptop parts cost more, driving the overall price up.Laptops have literally only one advantage, and that's portability, so if you don't need portability, then there's zero question that a desktop for $1000 will be way more future proof than a laptop for $1000.

    I have a desktop that's coming up on 3 or 4 years old at this point [built it when Sandy Bridge chips came out] and it still plays Skyrim on Ultra with like 30-40 graphics mods. it was about $1000 when I got it, and that was with 8GB of RAM, a really nice motherboard and case, and a BUNCH of hard drives. The only thing I've updated on it was the graphics card [about $200] because my old one kicked the bucket and more memory for VM's [didn't impact gaming at all]. A modern desktop at $1000 could probably last you a solid 4-5 years before actually showing its age.
  5. And being unable to upgrade laptops means you'll have to buy a new laptop to play games (maybe another $1000) compared to spending maybe $350 for a new graphics card or whatever upgrade for a desktop to extend its life.
  6. Okay! Thanks guys! You've really helped :)
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