I purchased new batteries for 2 of my Dell Latitude D630 laptops. When I plug it in to charge it doesnt even recognize that it

2 new batteries for 2 seperate laptops. Ive used multiple power cords, it wont even recognize that its plugged in.
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  1. where did you buy the batteries from?
  2. Hey,

    Are the batteries original OEM replacements or aftermarket/non-original parts?
  3. rgd1101 said:
    where did you buy the batteries from?

    I got them from Amazon.
  4. so it not dell or some 3rd party
  5. I checked the Device Manager, everything seems normal. I was hoping maybe it was just a driver or something to update. But nothing. Its actually on all 5 of the batteries that I purchased come to find out. They look identical to the ones that I replaced as well. I tried resetting them to make sure they were put in properly as well.
  6. They are Dell replacement batteries. Not after market
  7. can you give us the link for it?
  8. I used to buy Dell batteries off Amazon last couple of years, and they were good. Last four or five batteries I got were really cheap, and really cheap - all of them ended up in the recycling bin. I even did not bother to ask my money baclk So, if you need battery for your Dell (and probably, every other) laptop, buy them directlry from Dell.
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