Win7 workstation cannot use DVD-RAM

I have an Asus Z77-based system, which was supplied overclocked, and has been working great for about a year. I installed Windows 7 64-bit on it.

The Intel SATA controller has 6 channels, which are all used. The boot drive is an SSD, the docs drive is 500GB, and I also have a RAID5 array of three 500GB drives. I fitted my old Pioneer DVR-216D (latest firmware) optical drive on the spare channel.

The drive reads fine, and I can write to CD-R and DVD-R using Windows.

BUT, I have dug out a few DVD-RAM discs I've had for a while and I can't use them. If I try to write to them, erase them or format them, Windows says they are write-protected. I have tried the same discs in my laptop and they work fine.

I've looked high and low for solutions but come up blank. Can anyone suggest where to start?
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    The drive you linked to cannot write DVD-RAM, only read it.
  2. ex_bubblehead said:
    The drive you linked to cannot write DVD-RAM, only read it.


    Thank you for spotting that. Good grief. I thought I was going mad.
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