Where do I put my wifi router in this config??? please help

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Here's my situation. I just moved into a home which is already pre-wired to all the rooms. The network closet was a bit intimidating with a switch and a network interface module (not sure why this is all needed).Only thing it was missing was the comcast modem and a wifi network, I've hooked it up and everything seems to be working, but I do lose internet connectivity over wifi at least once daily. I'm trying to figure out if it's due to my setup and if i'm running optimally.

Currently the setup is as follows
Comcast -> modem -> switch -> network interface module -> Then I placed the wifi router in one of the rooms. Again this does work.

However, I'm second guessing myself, should I have done the following?
Comcast -> modem ->wifi router -> switch -> network interface module

Or something different?

Here is a picture of the network closet -

You advice would be truly appreciated. And if you have spare time to answer some additional questions I'd love to learn more about the following.

1) In it's current setup, there is 1 IP coming from comcast, then it goes to the switch, does the switch give different internal IPs or is that what the router does?
2) If the router is installed before the switch, wouldn't it designate 1 IP address to the switch and at that point, how do I know what IP correlates with all the different devices after the switch? Do I lose visibility?
3) Why are there connections from the switch to the network interface module. What does this achieve? why couldn't the switch just go out to all the rooms?

Any other feedback on this config would be greatly appreciated. I want to minimize the effect of heavy traffic from one computer impacting the rest of the network.

Thank you!

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    Your best bet is to place the router in that cabinet an place it between the modem and the switch. The huge down side is you will likely get very poor wireless coverage in a metal box.

    I am going to bet that network interface thing is just a simple patch panel going to the rooms.

    The switch itself is completely transparent it does not have a IP. It is the same as adding more lan ports on the router.

    This would work very well if all you had is wired stuff. To get wireless I would buy another router and use it as a AP. You would cable to the LAN port and disable the DHCP and change the IP to not conflict with the main router. You could then place this in whatever room you want and plug it into the wall. You of can even run multiple AP if the coverage is poor. The router in the cabinet would do all the IP allocation and NAT translations.

    You could also replace the modem with a modem/router combination if you wanted 1 less box in cabinet.

    Your wireless loss is not likely related it is most like a standard interference issue that one you want to run INSSIDER and try to find channels with the least other people using.
  2. Thanks Bill! Very helpful!

    the cabinet is very centrally located in the house so maybe it won't be that big of an issue. I currently have a netgear 802.11n router, and was thinking of selling it and buying a 802.11ac, but now maybe i'll just keep poth and use one as an access point.


    Thank you!
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