Looking to build a budget $800 animation/gaming pc..

Would you suggest this as a perfect budget gaming/light animation rig at around $800?

Want to build a new powerful yet budget friendly rig for moderate to high gaming/ animation works in photoshop & Maya etc.
Not a gaming freak but do love to play fps games or graphics rich visuals in off-time.

CPU: Intel i5 3550 (or intel i5 3570 or intel i5 4670 or intel xeon 1230-v2 which one and why?)
MB: Asus P8H77-V [LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI]
Memory: Kingston Hyper -X Blue(8Gb)/ G.Skill Ripjaws-8GB (Which one?)
Storage:128 Gb Samsung EVO (or Samsung pro?)
HDD: Seagate SSHD or WD Blue HDD ?(1TB)
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 660 2GB DDR5 or any other to fit budget?
Case:Cooler Master 431 Plus(no other mid~tower case seems to have side panel and decent in $50-$60 range?)
Power Supply:Seasonic Gold or Corsair CX600 600W or Cooler Master (which one would be good and what model)?

the above list is provided with some close calls that i browsed for and reviewed benchmark for the most any other suggestions would be welcome .But i am deciding to keep it an Intel & Nvidia combination due to great per core performance issues and animation s/w advantage.So would be great if suggestions come that way only.Not wanting an AMD cpu/Radeon gpu combination.

[[[[[My current PC that is now bottlenecked moderately and sometimes getting slow has the following config:
CPU: Phenom X4 9650 2.3 Ghz
PSU:iball 450w
CASE:ACER inspire (old branded PC)]]]]]

I purchased a DELL S2240L Monitor 21.5 inches and that seems great with my HD 6670 for moderate gaming as of now.So for peripheral,my ACER keyboard is a little worn out after around 9 yrs of use with few keys going numb.So kindly suggest a budget "wired" keyboard if possible.Got a great cheap mouse from Logitech.The keyboard need not be costly but should be towards durable,handy (maybe fancy) kind. :)

~thanking you for reading. waiting for all your cool suggestions.!!
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    You picked out a pretty good setup as it is. Without making too many changes, here's a build that would be a bit over budget but stronger:

    The LE Plus model of the Asus mobo has better overclocking and sli capability; you may not be serious now but for about the same price of the one you selected this is the better board. The GTX 760 is just a bit more than the 660 and you are getting what you pay for. I thought you'd like the windowed corsair case too.

    By the way, this is the exact setup you listed and that goes for $922.87, not $800:

    Where are you getting YOUR deals from!??? Yeah, I'm jealous if you know how to save even more!
  2. I would suggest amd processor at the animation due to the 8 cores
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