Computer is crashing, maybe dying?


My computer keeps crashing. I'll use the internet and have maybe five windows open, just text mostly and all of the screens will go black and than everything resets after hanging for 30 seconds.
This happens several times during the time I use the computer. It doesnt matter which web browser I use, it happens.
This time when it happened I checked the cpu and ram usage. Cpu usage was 52% and ram usage was at 60 percent. I didnt have any other programs opened.
Also when this starts to happen sometimes the screen will start flashing, quick blinking.

Other problems that has been happening for a while is that it takes a while for some files to open and the computer will just hang for 20 to 30 second, maybe more.

I defragged the hdd drive today. Using CC cleaner, cleaned the registry, files, etc. It says my hdd is in good health but I still have these problems.

My pc has had this problem for about 6 months but its getting worse and worse. Yes I do have anitvirus and other protection on the pc.

I have recieved memory dumps notices or something like once or twice a day.

Could my pc or hard drive be dying?
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  1. When was the last time the computer was opened up and physically cleaned inside? While the most likely issue here is a failing PSU, an accumulation of dust on components can cause them to perform poorly (and cause a lot of wear and tear on the components). If it has been more than a year (6 months with pets), I will suggest cleaning the PC thoroughly with compressed air (You might want to do that outside)
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