Found .android folder in cdrive on user folder

I am seeing two files in an .android folder on my laptop under my user in c drive. One file and pub, both adb key.
I also see a daemonprocess txt document that is empty and a folded in my documents that says mobogenie?
Is this related? I don't believe anyone with a android has had access to my laptop but I'm trying to figure out if my husband may have a android phone? I have suspected it as I have heard what seems to be an android in my home? Could this happen by plugging in android to my PC? Or some sort of wireless sync. We do not have any android software currently download to manage a device , any help appreciated . Computer dummy!

I must note this seemed to be created with in mins of each other
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  1. Please help! Thank you!
  2. This is actual a computer problem.
    I have left and now my computer has pop ups when using Firefox and programs installed like vo package and my PC backup that I don't recognize. I'm trying to clean it up myself and did a virus scan that didn't seem to find anything. I came across the above that were newer things on my c drive around the same time I found these.
    I am just looking for some help. I don't know if it's correlated. If it's ok to delete anything. Any help is appreciated.
  3. I had the same problem as you. Mobogenie is some freeware that comes with software downloaded from the internet. Mobogenie can install apps from your computer and put them on your phone. That is why the mobogenie folder is there.
  4. Did you install a program like SDK Intel App to do application or Eclipse?
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    Your problem is, is that you've downloaded some "crapware" (free programs that clutter up your system) and its put some PUPS on there. A PUP stands for Potentially Unwanted Programs. The PC Backup is proably one of these. If you have Anti-Virus Software like AVG it does co,me with a backup program named TuneUp Utilities. Is this what you mean? You are seeing a .android file as Mobogenie allegedlly downloads Google Play Apps for your smartphone or tablet. I got mobogenie from CNet Don't worry; its not a virus but it may have left some SPYWARE behind. This is software that spys on your Internet and PC activity, hence the name. You may also notice illegal search engines when you visit your browser's homepage (i.e Inbox, conduit or delta search). See if you can uninstall Mobogenie and this backup program from the Control Panel. Remove it from startup. To do this, type into msconfig into the search box on the start menu and hit enter. Then click the startup tab. Untick any programs you don't recognize so they won't start when you boot windows. Restart your PC. It may have also left files and registry entries behind. Junkware Removal Tool is a great, free cleaner that removes all traces of the programs. Or (like I did) reinstall Windows. Alternatively, do a system restore and restore your PC back to before you downloaded anything. And remember: always read the terms and conditions when downloading something. Usually, you can untick the "crapware" that it will install by default. Be careful out there.
    Hope this helps,
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