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Need help with W8.1 Microphone Setup

Last response: in Windows 8
March 6, 2014 12:05:18 PM

So I need to record some ideas, but I type slowly. Naturally, the solution for that is speech recognition software to dictate to. Since I don't feel downloading any new software and MS's built-in software is... sufficient... I figured I would just use that. Well, easier said than done.
When trying to configure my microphone, the software kept complaining that it couldn't hear me. Yet, it kept lowering the volume level to that point. I'd re-adjust so that the level was in the proper range, and it would again lower the mic sensitivity until it couldn't hear and tell me to try again. Talk about counterproductive. Not only that, but when generally testing my mic outside of speech recognition, I had to practically eat the damn thing for the system to pick it up! I considered applying the +20Db boost, but that appears to have been removed.
So my first instinct is to ask for Microsoft for help, but they're about as useful as an ejection seat in a helicopter (and they give you a headache like one too). So that brings me here.

Can anybody offer a solution that would allow me to use my Arctic P531 headset to dictate to my PC?

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March 10, 2014 11:36:20 AM