Will an AMD FX 4170 bottleneck an AMD Sapphire HD 7870 ghz OC?

Hey. I have been using my sapphire 7870 ghz OC edition for a while now and was wondering if my CPU was causing a bottleneck in some games such as Far Cry 3. I know that this is a pretty demanding game graphics wise but I thought I would be able to run it on high setting with a decent frame rate, however there seems to be big frame drops even on medium and even low settings. I was possibly thinking about getting an i5, would this help the situation? Any help greatly appreciated :)

My system specs:
Amd Fx 4170 4.2ghz
Amd Sapphire 7870 ghz OC edition
16 gb ram
Corsair 600w psu
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    Yeah it's probably providing some bottleneck. Also keep in mind that the 4170 is a dual module CPU, which means that it is read as a quad core CPU most of the time, but it is really more like 2 modules broken up into 4 "cores", if that makes any sense to you. I would probably upgrade that CPU to get rid of bottleneck.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't the 4170 use an AM3+ socket? You could save a fair bit of money and get a 6300 or 8320 and keep your same motherboard. An overclocked 6300 to roughly 0.5 - 1.0 GHz higher than the i5-3570K stock speeds performs roughly just as fast, and the same goes for the 8320 to the i7-3770K. Bump up the Intel chips' speed and they will start to take off, however, but at a much higher price point (I got an FX-6350, 8GB RAM, a $30 game, and a 1TB hard drive for the same price as a 3570K). That's your call though.

    Also, to rid any performance concerns, my friend has a 7870 GHz edition card and his stock clocked 6350 doesn't hold him back at all. My 6350 which I have overclocked to 4.4 GHz doesn't even really hold back my GTX 770 in gaming any noticeable amount, which is about the level of a 7970 GHz on AMD's lineup.
  2. first of all why do you have 16 gb of ram? secondly it probably wont but i would recomend getting an fx-6300 if you can because they are pretty good and have become very cheap
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