Windows 7 Pro 64bit taking at least 8 minutes to start up!!!! Going nuts!

I have an HP XW6400 workstation that is used for Video editing. Recently it started taking LONG to boot. I dont recall any major changes in particular that would have contributed to this, and cant seem to tie any particular event to this.

Even large apps are taking WAY LONGER than normal to load, to the point it is not suable.

Desperate to correct this I wiped the disk (Seagate Barracuda) and deleted partition, then formated and reinstalled Windows 7 Pro again, 64 bit thinking this would fix it.

NOPE!!! Still taking 7 or 8 minutes to get past the windows logo screen.

I performed a complete hardware scan using HP tools at bootup and everything came back 100% with no errors on processors, disks etc.

The one thing that I noticed is that the drive light has infrequent blinking, meaning not much reading going on while it is snoozing for 8 minutes.

Really need this fixed ASAP so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

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  1. if it is not the disk, check cpu temperature.
  2. use the drive maker test tool .
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    Test HDD with CrystalDiskInfo (link to installation and use tutorial here) to ensure HDD is in top notch condition. This is a tool I use to check for HDD failures. There are other tools to use, but I like to use CrystalDiskInfo because of its easy-of-use and portability.

    if it is not the disk, check cpu temperature.

    As rgd1101 suggested check cpu/gpu temperatures and make sure all fans are working inside the PC case. You may need to clean your case and CPU heatsink of dust (follow proper procedures to do so).

    After you have tested HDD and cleaned PC if there is still an issue get all of Windows updates.

    Let us know how it goes.
  4. Thanks for all the advice. I will update this once I try all the suggestions.
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