Help! Comp freezing // MSI Geforce GTX 660 GPU and solid gear SDGR 500W PSU


After installing my new GPU I've been experiencing computer freezes while playing league of legends. I play on max settings however the game isn't a very "graphic intense" game. I was concerned with my current PSU however when I went to the nvidia website it states that the card only needs a 450w PSU. Is my PSU the problem? My GPU driver is up to date. Thanks in advance for any help.

Here is a link to the PSU manufacturer website:
Here is a link the the GPU manufacturer website:

Computer spec's

Windows 8 64 bit OS
CPU - AMD FX(tm)-6100 six-core processor 3.30ghz
GPU - Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
MOBO - MS-7641
DirectX 11
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  1. The power supply 450w is the requirements for this card. You should be fine.
  2. Well do you have any idea what could be causing the freezes then?
  3. any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    It used to happen and my old rig. My computer would shut down due to overheating. Maybe you case is too small or you don't have enough fans. A faulty power supply could also cause it.
  5. I just order a 700w PSU. Hopefully it does the trick.
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