Hello im currently going to buy a zotac gtx 660 amp edition and the question is do i really need a 600w psu?

ok so i am going to buy this power supply: will this be more than enough for the zotac gtx 660 amp edition?
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  1. No. Zotac lying to you. I'm sure they're in cahoots with the power supply manufacturers to trick you into thinking you need something when you don't.
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    BeatboxingFTW said:
    Yup im going to buy a zotac gtx 660 amp edition and do i really need 600 watts?!?

    Depends on the quality of the power supply I upgraded from a 560 ti to a gtx 660 ti a while back and found out my power supply was 30$ on the net was a a 600 watt didn't hold up more then a day if you can link your PSU people will be able to assist you alot more easier
  3. what really matter is how many amps it has on the 12v rail

    so a good 500-600w+ psu will have about 40a on the 12v rail
    12v X 40a = 480w with the rest being on different rails.

    Bad psus will sometimes have 2 12v rails to make up the difference
    12v X 20a + 12v X 20a= 480w but it is not the same since your gpu is only drawing from a single rail
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