gtx 680 DVI-I and hdmi slots make monitor go to sleep (Dual monitor)

I just recently got a second monitor to use with my gtx 680. I plugged in the second monitor and it goes immediately into sleep mode (the monitor). What ever monitor I plug into the dvi-d port, it works as a main. Anything else that gets plugged in, will not work with something in the dvi-d, goes automatically to sleep.

Another odd thing, if I ONLY plug a monitor into the dvi-i adapter or hdmi, and restart the computer, it will show the bios/boot up but as soon as windows starts loading it goes into sleep mode.

I have tried swapping monitors, got a new video card, tried both ports with even vga to dvi adapter, nothing has worked. Always one monitor sleeping. Help!!!

i5 2500k
gtx 680 superclocked
p8p67 rev 3.0 mb
monitors are, u2412m
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  1. That is odd. I'm running two 22" monitors on my EVGA Superclocked GTX 680 sig.2 card (with an i7 3770k), and I've had no issue whatsoever. You still have a fine set-up with that GTX 680 and the i5 2500k. Something is screwy.

    Forgive me if you've already tried all these, but:

    1) Check each and every cable and connector you are using. I know I spent half a day trying to figure out why a monitor wouldn't work once only to find out I had a defective DVI cable
    2) Make sure you have the Nvidia Control Panel set-up properly for dual monitors
    3) Make sure you don't have something turned on or disabled within the monitors individual menu settings
    4) I would test each individual connector in the back of my GTX 680, one at a time using only one monitor at a time and see if everything functions
    5) Make sure you have the Control Panel>System and Security>Power Options>Edit Plan Settings, configured correctly
    6) Also re-check the Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization>Display - configured right
    7) Try without using any adapters

    Hopefully some of these more knowledgeable experts will step up and help you. You shouldn't be having any issues running two monitors with that set-up.
  2. Hapkiman, thanks for the quick reply. I tried most of the above solutions you mentioned but one of the other problems is that it seems like the second monitor isn't even being detected as a device. Like under device manager, control panel, and nvidia, it only displays one monitor even though the second monitor is plugged it.

    Out of desperation I also installed a fresh copy of windows 8.1, and unplugged the battery from motherboard and attempted to discharge the remaining power in hopes of a possible fix but it didn't do anything.

    Has anyone else found a solution to a similar problem? I'm not really sure where to isolate the problem, it seems like it's an issue that only my top dvi port on my video card is being used as a main monitor, everything else goes to sleep when connected but I can't figure out what would cause this. It's not the gpu because it's my second gpu since I RMA'd the first with the same issue. The monitors both work on their own. Is there a BIOS setting that could cause this or could this be caused by one of my other pc parts? I had a power supply thats 750W so I sohuld have enough power to go around.

    On another note, would me only using a single link on each of the 1200p monitors be causing this issue? Thanks
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