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So recently I purchase a new XFX Core Radeon HD 7770 graphics card along with a new power supply:
I installed both myself and this is my first graphics card (upgrading from integrated graphics). I installed the drivers from the disk and everything installed successfully. I launched both TF2 and Civilization V and played a little of each and everything seemed to work fine (however I did not play long enough to confirm they both worked 100%). Then I decided to upgrade the drivers to the latest versions using the drivers from the AMD website. After installing these, I played some TF2 and after playing for a little while, I got a blue crash screen. My computer rebooted and this occurred again in TF2. It also has happened in Total War: Shogun 2. I haven't had time to test any other games but I assume the result will be the same. I then tried to revert to the drivers on the disk (I can't confirm they worked before, but they appeared to work fine). So I wiped the drivers using Display Drivers Uninstaller (DDU) and tried to install the drivers from the disk. After the process, it said an error occurred during installation and the log said the display drivers failed to install. I then attempted again and this time, the drivers just wouldn't finish installing. I have tried this multiple times (once leaving the process overnight) but the installer always gets stuck on one part or another of the installation and will not finish. I do not know if there is a problem with the card, if it is just the drivers, or if I installed the card wrong. My computer is an HP Pavilion p6510y. Thanks
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  1. try to run memtest and post results
  2. It might be that your PSU is damaged.
    Try it without the graphics card first and see what happens.
    Keep us posted.
  3. So I ran memtest and came up with no errors. I also then removed the graphics card and went back to integrated graphics and played some TF2. While it did lag a lot, I was able to play it for about half an hour with no crashes. I then re installed the card and the drivers from the AMD website and launched TF2. It did crash again, but instead it just froze up and went to a black screen with the sounds still playing. From there, my computer restarted. This time there was no blue screen.
  4. did you ever have any other graphics in there other than your current gpu? also if you have another pcie slot to see if it isnt a bad sloton your mobo. the next step would be to try gpu in another system or use another psu in your system to figure out if it is psu or gpu.
  5. I have not had any other graphics card before (prior was integrated/onboard graphics). I also only have one pcie slot. I do not have another system to try the card in or another power supply powerful enough to support the card so I can't test the card alone without the new psu. However, my game did not crash with just the psu in without the gpu.

    *Update: The error message I am getting when installing the drivers from the disk is "Driver Install: the driver package does not specify a hardware identifier"
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    In add remove programs = uninstall AMD CCC manager
    Run the driver sweeper again in safe mode.
    Download and install the latest drivers 13.2 from AMD.
    Don't use the gpu disc.
    Disable the intel graphics in device manager or uninstall them.
  7. So I believe I have fixed the problem. I used the 14.2 beta drivers first. I then underclocked the card to 1000/1125 along with setting the power limit at 10%. I believe this has fixed the issue as I haven't had any problems since. Thanks for the help.
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