Boot Disk + Storage Disks CENTOS SETUP

Hi All,

I am new in Linux so i apologize if my question seems to be silly !! :?

I am setting up a File Storage Website for the Public, now i already have all my servers, i managed to successful instal the web server and database server.
The last piece missing to be completed is my Storage Server where all the files will end up once the user uploads it to the system.

For this setup i have the following hardware

1. I have 1 SSD MLC 64GB for Booting only

2. 5 x 2TB Enterprise HDD for the storage

3. LSI RAID Card

4. Xeon E3-1220V2 3.4 Ghz

Ok now when i start the installation of Centos 6.2 i get to chose the disk i want the OS to be installed in and i also have the choice to iclude my RAID 5, 7.5 TB of storage and click next to go on with the setup.

When i finish the setup and check for my disk info in the system with the command : fdisk -l or fd -h i only see 2 TB of Space most the time and i am unable to increase it to 7.5TB and how keep both disk independent?

Thank you in advance!!
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