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I have a laptop that is powering off under load. Both fans are currently working. I downloaded realtemp and prime95 to test. Prime95 almost immediately causes it to power off, however, I was able to run the speedfan test using prime95 without any problems. Right before it powers off one (or both) fans get really loud and then it just dies. Sounds like a heat issue, but I'm not sure why it would power off when running prime95 by itself and not through realtemp (realtemp registers temps up to 85 degrees celcius).

Running on battery the temps barely got over 60 in prime, but that may be related to other issues. Is it possible the AC adapter is causing it to overheat though?

Other than temperature being the cause, what are some other possibilities? Bad RAM?


i7-2720QM @ 2.40 GHZ
16 GB Ram
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  1. is it happening when you are running on battery too?
  2. No, it works fine on battery. Just overheats when plugged it. The power adapter and DC jack get extremely hot to the touch when plugged in as well. I'm thinking the DC jack may need to be resoldered.

    I also turned off the computer and left it plugged in over night. When I started it up it showed 100% charge and then dropped to 50% after about a minute.
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    Okay first do not leave your computer plugged in when it is turned off.

    Since it is working fine on battery, it might be heat issue on the CPU.

    Is it getting turned off instantly or it is showing blue screen before getting turned off?
  4. Turned out it was the DC Jack. Had to send it in to get it fixed.
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