What temps should I expect from aftermarket 290's in crossfire?

I'm thinking about selling my 780 ti and buying a couple r9 290's to use for mining and gaming. I will not be getting the reference cards, but I'm not sure my case (Phantom 410) has good enough airflow to prevent heat buildup from 2 of these cards with open air coolers. Have any of you guys tried this? How hot did the top card get? My motherboard is a Gigabyte Z87x-UD3H. Looks like there will be a little bit of space between the cards but not a huge amount.
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  1. It depends on a number of things. If they are very close on your motherboard, you could probably expect to be in the high 70's an maybe hit 80C when gaming. If they have some room, and good coolers, the top one will probably average 70C while the bottom one sits in the 60's. This is only a general expectation. Conditions inside your house and inside the case can still affect these numbers.
  2. Case air flow and model of 290's well play a factor.
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  3. Thanks for the replies. Yes I'll be mining whatever the most profitable scrypt currencies are. I might go for it then, I know those cards put off a lot of heat and I wanted to make sure the top card isn't gonna be hitting 90c and throttling or anything. Was hoping someone on here may have tried it or could link me to some benchmarks of aftermarket cards crossfired in a case since I haven't been able to find any on my own.
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