Please rate my 2D game dev / digital artist / programming build

Hey everyone,

I am not a gamer. But i develop games for mobile (awkward)

I am an artist and game developer who use the following programs below

-MS Visual studio 2010
-Eclipse (Android)
-Paint tool SAI
-Clip Studio Paint

I'm planning to build this

Is there anything that I should change on this build? As someone who will be using the programs mentioned. I want my computer to handle multi-tasking between these applications.

I have this feeling of downgrading my gpu and instead buy more ram.

I dont want a part of my computer to overkill or underkill anything. Thanks!
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  1. Go for 4770k (i7)
    And if you think that ram is sufficient for you, it's alright but for Video editing and stuff. 16GB gives a good performance boost
    In case you want go for that RAM only, go for a bare minimum of CAS 8 and if possible Cas 7.
    Rest looks good!
    I just can't find any HDD
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