What power supply should I get?

Hi I have an i7 4770k, a Hero mobo, 250 GB SSD, and a GTX 780. I'm wondering if I should buy a Corsair ax 760 or a Corsair ax 860.
The 860 would allow me to SLI in the future (4-5 years~) when I want to upgrade my monitor and stuff..
But is it worth it? Or should I buy the ax 760 and then in 5~ years sell my 780 and get a new GPU?
Also would I be wasting power/money running just the 780 on the ax 860?
Thanks for your advice!
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  1. if u r planning for sli then investing in a 860w is not a waste
  2. Let me ask you this; 5 years from now would 2 gtx 780s outperform a new single high end GPU
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    Get AX 760 or PSU with similar wattage from XFX, Antec or SeaSonic, and upgrade the GPU later. SLI configuration draws more power, generates more heat and some games experience microstuttering or will not work at all.
  4. Thank you maurelie. That's all I needed to forget SLI and be content going with the lower watt psu.
  5. keep in mind, if you're wanting to sli the 780 in 4-5yrs, the 780 won't be produced 4-5yrs from now. i got 560 ti 2yrs ago and they are only available via the ebays and what i'd get for the price isn't worth the hassle/heat/watts/performance/etc. there are many better options from when i bought it. unless you plan on adding sli (or crossfires with the amd) within the next 6-12mths, don't count on it being worth it. you'd be better off getting what serves your purposes/can afford now and X-yrs down the line buying what you want. long story short (zip-line!!!) the 780 is a great card and will do well on 760.
  6. Thanks moopill I hadn't even thought about that. That just makes me feel that much better about my decision. :D
    Appreciate the help guys
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