Windows 7 wont pass welcome screen , even in safe mode

Hi , i'm not a pro in troubleshooting thing so i need some help please ^^..

yesterday i kept my laptop screen on for like 4 hours , when i got back to the laptop , the movement of the mouse was very slow , the reaction of the laptop in general was very slow and it kept freezes , so i shut it down manually ( not from the shutdown order ) . switched it on , chose the start windows normally order , then a loading screen with windows loading files appeared. after it the welcome screen with a low resolution and the system wont pass it . the mouse is moveable but the system wont pass the welcome screen . i tried the safe mode , tried start from the last known good configuration ( not sure of the name but you will understand :p ) , but the same happens. took out the battery and used only the ac adapter, the same. i put the windows CD to boot from it but it wont boot and the cd ejects after like 30 seconds. i need a solution please without loosing any data because it contains a lot of important data.

thanks alot.

this is a link to the welcome screen that appears :
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  1. you never told us what version of windows you run, and yes, it makes a big difference, so: go to a friend's pc or a library, and download the just about any linux distribution that runs as a live cd/dvd, copy the iso to cd/dvd, boot from the disk, and copy all your important data to a usb drive, then reinstall windows.
  2. i told you sir , its a windows 7 ultimate version. so the problem is with the " windows " not with hard-disk or any hardware ?? and would you please tell me more about this linux live cd/dvd ? i'm not an expert in these things. and regarding reinstalling windows, i said that the cd is unable to boot i dont know why, tried another cd and it booted normally but its not a windows cd . thanks
  3. couple of questions
    1. What is the drive that you are running your OS off of (HDD/SSD). If yo don't know this then just tell me your average boot-up time to start screen from power off, year it was made, and price.
    2. Do you frequently cut off your computer suddenly? Basically not power down via the os.
    3. Did you modify your computer in any way? i.e. did you build your laptop or switch out any parts. If you haven't, do you have a waranty plan.
    4. Do you have antivirus on your system? Windows anti-malware doesn't always do the trick. Also have you downloaded or visited websites that could give you a virus? Torrenting files can really screw up your system unless you do it safe.
    5. Have you noticed anything using up a ton of cpu/ram in task manager?
    6. Have you consistently backed-up your files to an external drive?
    7. Has your laptop ever become extremely hot?

    One last very important thing is that your odd (optical disk drive) will probably spit out your cd because you haven't changed the boot priority in BIOS. Follow this guide for further help.

    Please keep me updated on how things are doing for you.
  4. 1 - its only one Drive " C " , dont have others and its a HDD drive
    2- no
    3- no i didnt.
    4- yes i have a mcafee anivirus
    5- no it was normal just before i went out yesterday , when i got home back it was very slow and freezing so i shut it down manually and then this happened
    6- i haven't back up any files :(
    7- it became hot like 5 months ago and it was because of the dust , cleaned it and it became good.
    i changed the priority thing in BIOS , as i said it booted some CD but the windows CD didnt boot.

    the laptop is out of warranty ( i have it for more than 2 years now )
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    This narrows things down a little. As for McAfee, has your computer ever been running very slow before this incident? Also how much ram do you have, because that can affect computer speed. McAfee has been know to hog system resources.
    Since your system is running off an HDD, your drive might have failed D; I'm not sure, but its still a possibility. When a computer suddenly loses power, the drive head (reader) can make contact with the platter (disk). As a result, the sectors affected can become permanently damaged.
    This is a stumper for me. All I can say is try to load the oss via odd, and then call alienware service.
  6. no this is the first time ! i have 16 gb ram . i'll try to see what to do . i need the data in that HDD or i wont graduate from the university LOL ! Thanks a lot
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