Question regarding Graphic card compatiblity

Guys please help me

I have few question regarding this graphics card

1) which one is better graphic card, nvidia gtx 650 ti amp! or nvidia gtx 650 ti boost
2) My mother board is Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L & Intel Core2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93GHz - CPU is these graphic card is compatible with my current hardware

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    The 650Ti Boost is the best one by far, and your motherboard is contemptible. However, you also need a compatible Power Supply and a large enough case to accommodate a full sized GPU.
  2. How Much PSU Do I Need & My Current PSU is 600 Watts
  3. 600 Watts will be fine as long as it can deliver enough power on it's rails, which I doubt it wouldn't, and what is your case?
  4. Some Local Brand I Don't know the Name but it has enough space where i put this Card. Can you PLZ suggest me Some PSU Compatible with Nvidia gtx 650 ti boost & Also which brand should i go for this particular Nvidia card
  5. Most brands will be great, MSI, Asus, etc. Whichever comes out cheaper. As for the PSU:
  6. thanks dude i really appreciate your help
  7. No problem :)
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