280x connectors (a noob needs help)

Sorry, I'm a noob, I'm using a 280x for the first time. I have ASUS R9280X-DC2T-3GD5. There are 8 pin and 6 pin slots but I don't have any 8 pin connector, so I used this branch thing with comes with the box (look at the pic, in the middle) and six pin connector comes from my PSU. When I start the comp, the green lamps are lit and fans work but the windows doesn't start. Where do I wrong?

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  1. Whats that second card underneath your asus in your tower?
  2. sapphire 5850
  3. f451 said:
    sapphire 5850

    Take that out of the computer then try hooking the ASUS card up
  4. I tried. I used only ASUS, nothing. I put out ASUS and put the 5850 on the same slot, 5850 worked. So it seems to me this card is faulty.
  5. If I'm correct, that cable on the right of that pic is an 8 pin PCI-e cable. It looks like a 6 pin cable, but there are two extra pins on the side that look separate, but they go with the 6 pins to make 8 pins the same way your CPU power connector is probably two 4 pin connectors.


    Those both look like 6+2 power connectors to me and should work fine. Get rid of those adapters and try those out.
  6. I tried without its adaptor thing as you said. Nothing changed. The lamps and fans are working but windows still doesn't start. Should I RMA it? If I do, what shoul I say to the retailer?
  7. You found the 8 and 6 pin plugs and with them connected it still didn't turn on? Do you see anything on the screen? BIOS or POST messages, anything? or is it completely blank.
  8. Yeah, computer turns on and after everything is black, hard drive stops responding.
  9. Could it be related to mobo compatibility issue? I have MSI P67A-G45
  10. f451 said:
    Could it be related to mobo compatibility issue? I have MSI P67A-G45

    It is possible. What size PSU do you have?
  11. OCZ-ZS 750W
  12. f451 said:
    OCZ-ZS 750W

    That is plenty. so that honestly only leaves the GPU and the motherboard.
    Check for a BIOS update and try that otherwise it might be a bad GPU if you just got it I would call ASUS
    though motherboard could not be compatible seems less likely though.
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