MSI z77a gd65 installing extra RAM

Hi, I wanted to up my RAM form 8G to 16G so I bought the identical RAM sticks (g.skill RIP JAWS gaming series) and my motherboard (MSI z77a gd65) has 4 RAM slots. I figured I would just be able to plug them in and go but that isn't the case. I was wondering if somebody could help me out. I haven't tried overclocking my computer yet because its not set up properly for that. I was wondering if motherboard can only operate on 4 RAM sticks if overclocked as well.
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    First, make sure each kit is installed in the same color slots.

    What model is your RAM? Manually set the DRAM Frequency, timings, and voltage in BIOS/EFI.

    Test and see how that works. Hopefully the two kits can be used in the same system.

    Thank you
  2. thank you I will try this out when i get the chance
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