Problems with internet browsers on custom made desktop?

I did a fresh install on this generic pc which was made at a computer show, Vista Home Premium installed fine but when I try to run windows update it shows "windows could not search for new updates", that's the first problem. I then tried to update from IE7 to IE8 but it doesn't work. I also can't install either FF or Chrome, then Adobe flash player won't install to watch youtube videos but I can go on any website with the IE7, ay ideas please?
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  1. Could be a bad install did you try re-installing windows?
  2. +1 try reinstalling, seen that before.
  3. no I did not, I am trying now but for some reason I am not getting the option to go into the BIOS to change the boot order?
  4. did you by chance forget to install your ethernet driver?does it show that you have an internet connection?
  5. This mobo is a D865 Perl

    I am trying to get info on it or to see how I can get into the BIOS ot try to reload the OS and also find the correct drivers
  6. download your ethernet driver from another computer onto a flash find out what kind of ethernet controller your computer has go to device manager and click on your ethernet controller.once you know what it is you can go to the manufacturers site for the drivers.also when in device manager look for a yellow exclamation mark beside the ethernet controller and take note of the error if any.
  7. In the Device Manager, looking at Network Adapters there is only :Intel Pro/100 VE Network Connection for which there isn't a yellow exclamation mark, only 2 entries under Other Devices are showing the yellow exclamation marks and those are PCI Simple Communications Controller and Unknown Device?
  8. if you right click on the ones with the exclamation mark and select properties,under the general tab it should give you a reason for the device not working back the error.
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