True overheat or HWmonitor error ?

Hi all

Just got out of AC4 which I've just reinstalled. It was fine last time - pc handled it very well.

But this time, HWMonitor reports that the cpu and motherboard maxed at 128 degrees C! I'm guessing if that had really happened I would have noticed burning smells and throttling...

Was this just a glitch with HWMonitor?

Thanks for any help.
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    Well, I would imagine that your computer would have shut down. I believe that is just a HWMonitor error.
  2. A CPU will shut itself down past 90c, some even lower than that. Probably just an error.
  3. Thanks guys. Agree it would have shut down... seems kind of obvious now... but the vents did feel exceptionally warm when I put a hand there, so I just wanted peace of mind. Sorry mods for the bit of a silly question! :)
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