hd4000 vs hd4600

Is it true that the HD4000 integrated graphics that comes with the i5 3570k is stronger than the HD4600 that comes with the Haswell CPU on my laptop?
Looking at the specs, it seems so.
A layman would however assume the 4600 is stronger, as it looks like that and is from a newer generation.
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  2. No. 4600 preforms better 4000. I understand what you are saying, but in benchmarks Intel Hd 4600 would win.
  3. Hmm. So the 4600 is marginally faster -- albeit nowhere near the GT640.
    OK thank you.

    Edit: I sincerely hope people would stop selecting best answers on my threads -- I'm perfectly capable to do that myself. And I hate unselecting best solutions.
  4. I didn't know you could select a best answer on someone elses thread. I never had it happen to me either.

    But yes, HD4600 is marginally faster than HD4000 for sure. There's not one thing that HD4000 is better at.
  5. You have to cross a certain post quota before you can(as it proves you're not a troll selecting random best answers). How much I don't know. When I saw the green buttons, I thought admin had accidentally given me moderator privileges :D Later I came to know it's a policy.
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