Best storage HDD large capacity?

Looking for a large Hdd to store my files, music pictures films etc on my hackintosh build. I will also be using the drive for video files I am working on and pictures I'm editing as this will be my work drive and storage.

I have an ssd for OS

Have been looking at the WD Red 4tb, it's got great reviews is this a good choice for me? Seems like abetter choice then green.
Any help appreciated, thanks
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  1. WD Red drives are designed for use in NAS systems or file servers. Optimised for 24-7 usage, power saving and multi-user access. Not really what you are looking for. They would work very well but you are paying a premium for features you don't require.

    For general storage the WD Blue is what you should be looking at.
    Green if you care about power saving.
    Black if you want some additional performance and reliability (Comes with 5 year warranty).
  2. Sadly WD blue only has 1tb largest, otherwise it would probably be the best choice. I have a mini Itx build so need one drive with a large capacity for storing all my files.

    I have space for 4 drives in the system and it's going to be a dual boot hackintosh. I'm thinking this configuration for storage. Both ssd's 120gb.

    SSD, 1tb black - gaming (windows 7)
    SSD, "large storage?" - work and storage of files, music, films (OSX)
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