Get Cable Internet from House about 300 Feet to Barn, no power/pipes available between the two, crosses RR Tracks w/some trees

I have cable internet at my house. My barn is about 300 feet away and I would like to get a wi-fi signal there. I want to not spend more than about $300 total (less would be better). I want to install a wi-fi camera like dropcam so I can watch my pregnant mares during the day from work to see if they are getting ready to foal so I can get home to attend to them. There are a few trees in a row between the house and the barn, but only about 1 tree thick in any given spot. I didn't know if this is even possible, there are RR tracks between the buildings, so no connection with pipes or power and no way to make a connection like that. I wanted to find out what I need to do this and if it is even possible.
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  1. all you need is a router that can send a signal 300+ feet.
  2. So if the router carries that far, will I need something at the barn to send the camera's signal back or because the router's signal reaches, that is all I need?
  3. well, if you want to be able to see what the cameras see, then they can probly send the video feed back to your house through the wifi. it all depends on the camera.
  4. I want to see what is on the camera over the internet. And this is the camera:
  5. All you need is electrical power for that camera, it has wi-fi already. I don't know if consumer wireless routers will go 300 feet, I doubt it. You might need something like a "Hi-Gain corner antenna" like I have and don't know what to do with (my wife's cousin gave it to me). It says it will boost your router's signal strength from a standard 2 db to 15 db, claiming "up to" 400% range extension.

    I assume that this would also pick up the weaker signal from your wireless camera. If the corner antenna boosts the signal going out, it should also be able to boost the signal coming in, or be able to pick up weak signals. Because I can assure you that your camera's wireless signal will not normally traverse 300 feet through a layer of trees.

    Here's the one I have:

    The 2.4 GHz band provides much better range (distance) than the 5 GHz band, so you'll want to stick with that. I checked with two wireless router reviews, from Maximum PC and PC Magazine, and both stopped testing at 85 feet, and the throughput was not very high at that distance. So I feel pretty safe in saying that without some extra technology you are not going to get your camera feed from 300 feet away through a line of trees, not at a speed that will allow you to stream video.
  6. The method that will work for sure is to use a outdoor bridge unit on both ends. Something like unbiquiti airgrid or engenius enh200. You should able to get a pair for $150. I have run the airgrid well over 1000ft. They say they can go 20km but that I have my doubts about.

    You want to mount them high enough so nothing blocks a train.
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