Easy question: how much would YOU pay for 8gb 1600 ddr3?

Title. I wonder because there is 1600 for over $100 but I've also seen it for ~$60.
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  1. $60 seems right for a average to good quality for 8gb of ram. Higher quality ram with elaborate heat spreaders such as the corsair dominator series could get up to the $100 mark for a kit with low latency and voltage.
  2. Hello... there was Fire at a Memory factory, and DDR3 has trippled it price in the Last year and half... Also memory makers ramped up making SSD type ram... So the market place had a DDR3 "shortage" and prices shot up... remember when hardrives shot up in price a few years back? factory fire agian.
    Maybe we need to send some OSHA feds over there to straighten things out?
    But I feel for ya... it is a bad time to buy DDR3 right now... and I need 2x8gb my self... Even EBAY is crazy High...
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    Parts cost change ALL the time. I paid around $85 for 16gb of 1600mhz of ddr3 about 3 months ago. Now I think the starting price is going to be around twice that for the same stuff. Given it was on sale when I bought it. G. Skill Ripjaws X is probably the best bang for the buck if you're actually looking to buy right now. Other things to take into consideration are if you're using an AMD CPU or Apu or an Intel. The reason I say that is that AMD CPU's don't really benefit from faster memory where as their APU's do A LOT as with intel's. I'm sure that's more info than you were looking for, but to sum it up the difference between $80 memory and $100+ memory is small. But the difference between $60 memory and $80 memory is a lot bigger when it comes to benchmarking and cooling solutions. Also 2x4gb memory is better than 1x8gb of memory due to dual channel useage, unless of course you only have one ram slot which is unlikely these days, and not even usable by some older OS's.
  4. I know I've already chosen best answer, but can you explain apu for me? I have an asus z87 pro and wanted to apply your information, but I'm not quite sure how it affects me
  5. APU is a term for a CPU with integrated GPU, making a new cohesive product. AMD applies the term to their A-series chips since the GPU capabilities of their chip are emphasized for not only gaming but for use as a compute processing unit in tandem with the general processing capabilities of the CPU cores.

    Intel stays away from this term for the most part because their integrated graphics on their chips are often not the emphasized component along with being unoptimized for general compute tasks other than video coding work with the Intel Quicksync technologies.
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