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Ever since about two weeks ago I've been having some really weird task manager issues. This is the first time I have seen something of the kind, since it is so weird.

First of all, nothing updates. I open the task manager, everything stays exactly the same. Even if I start or close processes, the process list won't change. No CPU usage change, nothing. Even in the "Performance" tab the graphs do not change. They all have just one single value (the first one), but apart from that they're empty. However, what does change is the CPU clock rate under Performance, that updates whenever I change tabs (between Memory and CPU, for example).

Second, the Disk and Network tabs remain at 0% at all times. They do not update like the others, but they do not have an initial value. Since they behave differently, thought I'd mention it.

Lastly: it answers to commands. If I tell it to kill Thunderbird, it'll kill it. It'll continue listing the process in the process list, but it has indeed killed it.

Reinstalling Windows to fix such a small bug would be unnecessary. However, if anyone has any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them (and try them out!). I have restarted my computer several times and Windows should have installed all the updates since automatic updates are turned on.

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    On the top of Task Manager, click on "View", then click on "Update Speed" and make sure it isn't set to "pause". That's happened to me a couple of times. I don't know how it happened, but it did. If that's your problem, just select "normal" instead of "pause".
  2. It was showing "Normal", but changing to "Paused" and back to "Normal" fixed it. After restarting it kept working.

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