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My 4-year-old phenom II will no longer run games well enough.
I've thought about buying an fx-8320 and at the same time an r9 280x. Someone said fx series isnt gpod for games, is that true?
I want to run bf4 maxed out with good fps (+50). And also new games that will come in next 3 years (dont have to be max settings).
So my main questiin is that will these two parts run bf4 or should i buy i5 and/or gtx 760/770. If you know better combo than this at same price range, pls tell me! :)

I would also like to know what is good mobo? Is m5a97 evo r2.0 good enough for medium oc:ing?

Thanks in advance and sorry for bad english!!
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    I would stay 280x if prices aren't wonky in your country like they are in the US. And the 8320 is just fine. The i5 will give you a better framerate, but will also cost a lot more. Go with the 8320, and use the extra money to get a nice CPU cooler :)
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