Screen and Apps hang, Mouse still moves,

I have the following Specs:
Gigabyte: Z68X-UD3H-B3
2x2gb DDR3 RAM
Radeon HD6950
800w silent pro gold
Crucial M4 CT128M4SSD2
Windows 7 64bit

Running the PC with no issue over a year,

Problem started when PC got restarted during a windows update. since then every time the computer went idle it will hang (even mouse will not move) and will not recognize the HDD on restart unless the computer was shut down for some time.

I formatted the HDD and re-installed windows, now if left idle it will not hang, but when gaming/multi tasking then the screen will freeze, mouse still moves and if background music is there then that will be audible as well.

I did the following already:
- Stress tested the GPU (83 C max temperature) without hang using furmark
- Stress tested the CPU (50 C max temperature) without hang using prime95/realtemp
- Memtested the RAMs - no faults
- Error check the HDD - no faults
- Cleared CMOS (removed the battery for a good 7 hours, i did this as during the restart problem, the internal Ethernet stopped working, now i got an external Ethernet)

I even removed the external GPU and stress tested the CPU/internal GPU, computer restarted (not hanged) after some time.

I already removed one RAM and tested it but still it hanged. I will be removing the other RAM and will test it out.
Also, i just remembered that i didn't update the BIOS since the reset, will be doing it now!

Thanks in advance.
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  1. What are the last updates you received via windows updates?

    Start > All Programs > Windows Updates > View update history
  2. It is a Kernel-Mode Driver Framework (KB2685811)

    P.s. i am surprised there is an update as i have turned off updates for the time being!
  3. I removed the other RAM and updated the BIOS, but still it hanged.

    Also, the BSOD read the following: "Kernel_Data_Inpage_Error"
  4. Have you tried restoring the computer to before the update?
  5. Chiisu said:
    Have you tried restoring the computer to before the update?

    I didn't keep a restore point, guess I will have to start doing that today onwards!! That is after fixing the problem..
  6. Best answer
    So i was able to solve the problem, basically the SSD got faulty, switching to a new one solved the problem
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